Acceptable Use Policy - Effective Date: 26 June 2013

Acceptable Use Policy of Nagaworld IT Systems

  1. By using Nagaworld’s IT system, user signifies his/her agreement to comply with this policy.
  2. Nagaworld’s IT systems, including but not limited to computer equipment, software, operating systems, storage media, network accounts providing email, business applications/websites, internet service, FTP, VPN and etc, are the property of NagaWorld. These systems are to be used for business purposes in serving the interest of the company, and of our clients and customers in the course of normal operations.
  3. The business information, including message and data, directly or indirectly created, mailed, copied, accessed or downloaded, is the sole property of Nagaworld. Nagaworld reserves the right to monitor, audit, inspect, copy, delete, disclose and distribute any business information for any reason without giving advance notice to its employee.
  4. User shall keep his/her password secured and do not share accounts/password information with others. Authorized users are responsible for the security of their own passwords and accounts.
  5. User must be extra cautious when opening information received from unknown source, which may contain viruses. Anti-virus software shall be utilized to scan the suspicious file consistently and its definition shall be updated from time to time.
  6. User has the responsibility of taking good care of company IT asset such as avoiding accidental damage or exposure to water/theft within or outside Nagaworld property.


Unacceptable use of Nagaworld IT Systems

The following activities are strictly prohibited,

1.  Upload, download, install, send, forward, receive, save or print the following materials without proper authorization into non-Nagaworld owned storage, website, media or to 3rd parties,

·         Nagaworld’s trade secrets, confidential, private or proprietary information or customer information

·         External copyrighted, trademarked, or patented materials, including articles or software, which are not owned by Nagaworld or authorized to be sent, forwarded, stored or printed by the owner of the materials

·         External material from persons or companies unknown to you

·         Software, whether freeware, shareware or otherwise

·         Any information or data restricted by government laws or regulations

2.  Use Nagaworld IT systems in a manner that is likely to cause security breaches such as,

·         Permitting unauthorized personnel to access company information.

·         Revealing your account password to others or allowing use of your account by others. This includes family and other household members when work is being done at home.

3.  Use Nagaworld IT systems for sending, forwarding, receiving, printing, accessing, uploading or downloading the following types of messages or information,

·         Harassing, derogatory, discriminatory or otherwise offensive messages, humor, comments, or images containing ethnic slurs, racial epithets or any other communication that could offend, disparage, or embarrass others based on their race, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, political beliefs, or other reasons that may be sensitive to the recipient.

·         Solicitations, advertisements, game, online Stock/commodities/Forex trading, chat room, blog posting, movie clip or unauthorized software download for personal benefits and unrelated to Nagaworld business.

·         Chain letters, unsolicited messages to unwilling recipients ("spamming") or mass mailings for personal, political or other non-Nagaworld business purposes.

·         Messages containing Nagaworld information to non-authorized recipients.

Enforcement of this policy

  1.  Nagaworld will take appropriate measures upon notice of any violation of this Policy or abuse of its IT systems. Depending on the circumstances, appropriate measures may include a warning to the user, notice to the user's supervisor, or other discipline, up to and including termination.
  2.  When a violation or suspected breach of this policy is noticed, IT/HR head of department shall be informed immediately. Users who violate any aspect of this policy will have their IT systems access revoked. Nagaworld reserves the right to hold any user personally liable for any violation of this Policy. 
  3.  In case of dispute, whether or not the use is reasonable or acceptable in any particular circumstances will be finally determined by Nagaworld EXCOM.